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Month: June 2018

Catfish Always Welcome

It was early morning bright and early and like a child on Christmas day I was all packed and ready to hit the bank for a days fishing session. I had barely slept due to my excitement of returning to...

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Red Eyed Red Letter Day

RED EYED RED LETTER DAY 👍🏻🎣🐳💖💖 With the arrival of the summer months and the temperatures soaring, the carp seemed to have other things on their mind due to spawning. Taking this into account and with it,  having always having a...

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Fishing with John Wilson October 2017

After being introduced to angling a little over 18 months ago by now husband Dave ,whom I might add is an absolute fanatical angler , I would never have imagined that in such a short space of time my journey...

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Angling Direct Wilmslow Opening day

After months of planning and working hard the big day had finally arrived for  Angling Direct Wilmslow's grand opening. It was so lovely to see so many people attend and also all the specialist teams of different anglers we had...

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