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Beauty & The Beast

Following on from a recent red letter day on an undisclosed Cheshire mere where I took no less than 17 carp in 36 hours, topped by my first twenty and now new PB CARP but however lost something truly monstrous , suspected to be a huge catfish!!! I returned this week with my husband Dave to the same undisclosed water with the intent of capturing the one that got away!!!

Knowing the water to hold a number of large wels catfish I baited heavily with 3kgs of halibut pellets soaked in fish oils and Sticky Baits KRILL boilies close to a dense bed of Lilly pads at 30yrds.

Over this I presented a sticky baits Buccu Berrry wafter on both rods.

The first day was unproductive but as night fell fish began to move and a bite looked imminent.

At 3am I was woken from my sleep as my pink delkim erupted and shattered the silence with a screaming run as a hooked fish took flight!!

Running from the bivvy in the darkness , as I made contact with the fish my 10ft warrior S rod bent double and line pulled from a tightened clutch set tight to prevent the fish finding sanctuary in the dense Lilly beds.

Despite this the fish took off like a steam train, and was truly supper strong!!!

As the fish burrowed hard left , then right it was clear that I’d hooked into something special as it felt like it was stuck to the bottom and I was trying to pull the plug out of the lake itself!!

Twenty minutes latter and I was making steady progress but still hadn’t seen the fish, then as I applied steady pressure a huge tail broke surface ! It was a catfish , could this be the beast that evaded me and got away?

I wasn’t gonna let him get away this time!!

Ever determined with my back and arms breaking I fought on in the darkness at which time as the fish neared the margin the fish broke surface for a second time, creating a huge boil and sending out waves across the lake!!! My heart was pounding and my hands were sweating but I was determined I wasn’t about to loose him!!

By this time I summoned my fiancé from his slumber to assist with the net.

The battle seemed to go on forever and as quickly as I gained line it was lost as the fish powered away once more.

At last I was winning and in the light of my head torch the leviathan rolled like a monster from the deep!!! It’s a monster Dave shouted!!! ….. I gathered all my remaining strength and walked backwards as I guided the fish into an awaiting net but so big was he his whole body wouldn’t fit in the net !! But eventually head first we got him in! As the net engulfed his huge frame I literally dropped the rod and shouted out in celebration!!!! Yeah!!!!!!!

Taking a few moments to gather myself  in the light of the breaking dawn we heaved the catfish into an awaiting sling and onto the mat. Only then were his true proportions revealed!! This fish was a Titan !!!

I’m only 152 cm tall and I’m sure that if this fish could have stood on his tail he would have towered over me and swallowed me whole if the need had arose!!! What a creature!

On the scales he went 38lb 2oz! It was not only my “first catfish” but now my biggest fish ever having only started fishing seriously 7 months ago.

I managed to heave him up for the camera despite what may have looked like a wresting match between woman v beast at one point!!

Shots done and well recovered I gently slipped him back into the waters from which he came. Thank you MR CATFISH for a truly epic battle and a fight I’ll remember for along time to come!!! I’m still aching now ……..🎣🎣🎣🐟🐟😘😘