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Catfish Always Welcome

It was early morning bright and early and like a child on Christmas day I was all packed and ready to hit the bank for a days fishing session.

I had barely slept due to my excitement of returning to one of my favorite lakes in what seemed like so long since my last visit.

Due to work commitments and venturing further away in the last 12 months I hadn’t been back to the lake in which I had previously caught some of my best catches including my biggest catfish to date which as it happened was the catch that won me the King of the Catch competition back in 2016 and the unforgettable trip of a lifetime fishing with the legendary John Wilson himself on his lake in Thailand.

By 6am I had arrived on the lake and all ready to set up and get my rods out.

As I knew this lake held some of the biggest Cats in my club waters I decided to fish one rod for carp and one for the cats and see what I would be rewarded with.

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m quite particular in the logic that if a method works for you then there’s no need to keep swapping and changing and I like to stick to what has been tried and tested in order to bag a fish or two.

On my right hand rod I decided to cast out 10 wraps close to the lily pads using my tried and tested blow back rig with my favorite pink wafter fished over a pva bag, whilst on my left hand rod I decided to cast again close to the lily pads but try a spicy chorizo to attract the cats as I knew that when I used this method in Thailand fishing for red tail catfish they just couldn’t get enough and I caught some of the most stunning red tails out there.

Within an hour whilst sitting back and making a cup of tea my right hand rod screamed off and I was in to my first fish of the morning.

I knew it didn’t feel like a very big fish but in my eyes any fish of any size is always welcome when I’m out on the bank and I can wholeheartedly say that the excitement and rush I feel when I hear my Delkim alarm scream off is always the same no matter what is on the other end of my rod.

Excited and overjoyed I had landed my first carp of the day ,only a mid double but regardless a beautiful looking common.

Shots done I was all ready to re cast and hope for anther carp.

By mid morning the sun was out with a cool wind and there was no getting away from the heat which I could feel was burning my skin already so I could tell that the fish were no longer feeding on the bottom as I could see many splashing about on the surface.

Always remaining positive I tried to stay focus and started to make some breakfast when my right hand rod screamed off again with a heavy dropback and I was in to my second fish of the morning.

Rod tight in hand and with my drag tight I knew that I was playing a catfish by the way it was pulling,

What I love most about cats is the shear power they have and how they always try and swim towards lily pads in order to cut you off.

This was not a battle I was going to give in to easily and it wasn’t long before he was in the net and ready to be weighed.

On the scales he went for a healthy 24lbs and I was over the moon.

Right ready for a few shots now and prepared to get covered in slime i thought haha.

Trophy Shots done and my cat safely returned I re casted my right hand rod once again and sat patiently waiting for hopefully a second carp of the day and it really wasn’t long before this time it was my left hand rod that screamed off.

As I was using Chorizo on this rod I knew that what I was playing which seemed much heavier and more powerful could only be a catfish.

“Yes the chorizo works” I said to myself with a cheeky grin.

I knew this fish felt heavier than the last and I had to start walking back down the bank in order to keep the pressure on and keep a tight line or I would definitely lose it if it aimed for them pads.

Within 5-10 minutes it had finally given up the fight and was ready to slip in the net.

Wow he looked much bigger than my last one and on the scales he was exactly 26lb with a big belly on him.

I had the biggest smile on my face.

Even though this was not the biggest cat I had caught picking one of these awesome creatures up is not the easiest of tasks and they literally do try and wriggle out of your hand like a big slimy snake lol.

This one deserved a big kiss I thought.

The rest of the day remained quiet as the heat had truly become unbearable and all of the fish were now on the surface so I knew my chances of catching a fourth fish of the day was quite slim.

With a lovely common and two cats caught I couldn’t have wished for a better day session to be honest and I was all ready to pack up and call it a day.

As I have said before what I truly love about fishing is that every session is so different to the last and you never really know how your day is going to plan out… what I do know is that I will be counting down the days until my next trip in search of some stunning catches that never fail to melt my heart and bring a huge smile to my face.