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New to Carpin’Pink “Candy Coated Leads”

We all know the pulling power of pink, non so more than myself!

Fluor pink hook baits have been the downfall of many a carp up and down the country, both home and abroad and their are many a myth surrounding their success.

Numerous angling publications have explored these Pink success stories but in summary and for those who may be visiting this topic for the first time here’s the science bit-

“Hot pink still sends out their bright colours at 100ft .this is because they fluoresce. “

Ultraviolet is found after violet on the light is invisible to humans. Like violet it goes to extreme depths.

When a neon colour is struck by ultraviolet it glows, where at the other end of the spectrum red light is filtered out by water rapidly, something that those who are into scuba diving or underwater photography will probably already be aware of.

Thus even in the deepest and darkest of waters Pink baits will continue to glow and omit a light signal as well as those all important food source signals.

For the past six months I have attempted to develop and expand on the pulling power of pink in my own fishing and I’m happy to say I have experienced great success!

Fishing in conjunction with pink coloured leads, be it inside a PVA bag or along with a single bait has brought me numerous fish to the bank which I’m certain I may not have caught if it were not for the attraction of an added beacon close to my bait, namely the pink lead!




Pink leads may not be new but in my experience up until now they have fell way short of what I’d asked of them, often failing in their colour or the coating becoming tainted and stained whilst fishing in deep silt or for long periods of time.

I am now pleased to announce the release of my own “ Carpin Pink Candy-coated Leads”, moulded to perfection, fitted with strong ,high quality big eyed swivels, inserts and rubber fittings and above all double dipped to ensure maximum Pink pulling power even when fishing in the deepest of silt!

A comprehensive lead range is to follow and will be available in weights between 2-4 oz as well as accompanying backleads which will prevent you stepping on them in the shallow margins!😂

Heres a sneak peak of some of my favourites, PLEASE message FOR DETAILS AND PRICES.

The futures bright, the futures Pink! 💕💕💕🎣🐳