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Background On Fishing

I started fishing two years ago- and was introduced by my fiancé who had fished all his life and is fanatical about fishing.

At the time we were struggling to see one and another as we both worked hectic and demanding jobs with long hours and I thought I would accompany him on the bank to see what it was all about and why he preferred to spend most of his free time fishing.

I think at the time he thought I would join him and enjoy the outdoors and have a glass of wine and perhaps read a book rather than want to actually fish hehe.

My 1st experience with fishing was float fishing for perch on a small lake in January for Dave’s birthday. Not allowing the snow and freezing temperatures to defeat me once I landed my 1st ever fish which was a tiny perch I can truly say I was hooked and I developed an interest in fishing which soon turned into a passion which now after two years has turned in to an obsession and I can say that now I eat sleep and live for fishing and feel that it’s such a rare and special opportunity to be able to share this common passion with my husband.

Fishing is truly one of the main aspects of our life’s and our time off from work, vacations and day to day conversation are revolved around this passion.

Some of the best times of my life have been spent on the bank with my husband learning from him, comparing our catches, talking and waiting for our alarms to scream off.

I feel that I’ve achieved and learned so much in the past two years and I’m always eager to learn more and improve my skills. I’ve caught some of the most stunning fish, have entered and won many different competitions which I’m over the moon about, have fished various different waters including fishing abroad and have just recently spent my honeymoon fishing for two weeks in Thailand.

My teacher and my confidant has been my husband who has taught me everything I need to know about this wonderful sport and has truly invested all his time in to ensuring that that I become a confident and competent angler who enjoys spending her time on the bank.

In addition I’ve met and become close friends with anglers from all over the world which only shows me that this wonderful sport truly brings people together.

Since I started fishing and falling in love with the sport I have realised that sadly there appears to be a divide between male and female anglers and that most females in angling are unrepresented as the sport can be very stereotyped as being very much a male orientated sport which can naturally make females tend to shy away from it.

Some may not perceive me as the type of girl to participate in fishing as I am very feminine and having a lady like image is also very important to me, however I see no reason why girls cannot be themselves on the bank and dress how they feel comfortable and also take their own glamour to the bank.

The majority of people that I speak to always say that fishing needs a bit of glamour which is what I’m aiming to introduce in to the world of angling.

I can say that in the past few years my priorities have shifted from buying dresses and shoes to now asking for new tackle when it comes to my birthday and Christmas and feeling more excited about purchasing new tackle like a kid on Christmas Day.

With the launch of my new website I would like to promote female participation in angling and ensure that we are fairly represented, I would like to show the world that female anglers are just as capable and passionate as our male counterparts and for us to be treated fairly within our sport.

I would also like to offer a wide range of products and accessories with the female angler in mind but also to promote all female aspects in fishing.