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Join me and Carpin’Pink as i travel far and wide, both home and abroad in search of the ultimate angling experiences.

My upcoming plans for 2018 are to travel to France in March in search of some 50+ French carp which I’m really looking forward to especially as it will be my first trip to French waters since I started fishing.

In addition I have been invited to travel and fish in Poland for a match fishing competition beginning of July for three days which will be a whole new experience for me which I feel very privileged about.

Also I will be returning to Thailand in 2019 for the ultimate monster fish hunt on a lake known to be home to some of the most exotic and enigmatic fish on the planet!

Join me on my journeys and let Carpin pink be the window for sharing all my captures with you and may we have a lot of fun along the way!! 🎣🎣🎣